Over Sharing: Why You Don’t Want to be One of Those People

Technology is a beautiful thing (when it cooperates, that is.) Through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and so on, we are able to connect with friends, family and acquaintances on a daily basis. Big news is often shared via social media, such as pregnancy announcements, new jobs, and many other items. Some people take social media for granted and overshare, which most of us do not care to see when we scroll through our newsfeed. Luckily, I am here to explain why you do not want to be one of those people who overshares on social media, and posts stauts’ with too much personal detail. Not only is over sharing improper social media etiquette, and can just be super embarrassing.

Over sharing… where do I even begin? As an active social media user, being friends or following a person that overshares is just the worst.Honesty, 99% of the time I unfriend individuals on my feed that overshare. I do this because I really do not care to see constant posting by the same person, and I assume other social media friends feel the same way. I had (emphasis on had) a friend on Facebook that would post status’ detailing things about her menstrual cycle, and just other really personal information about herself and her family that did not have a reason to be posted online. Personally, it made me feel uncomfortable, but I am not close enough to the person that I would really mention anything to them about it. It was just easier to unfriend the individual on Facebook, and move on. Refraining from over sharing on your social media accounts is important because although it may seem harmless at the time, it may save you from embarrassing moments like it would have for Sally in the instance below.

I did not want to use personal examples of individuals on my Facebook that were oversharing, but I found a website online that provided many examples of people who over shared who just shouldn’t have. blogpost2pic3I found a great page was titled 14 Examples of Oversharing That Will Make You Cringe Forever, and it provided some examples of oversharing on the Internet. Here is an instance of a Facebook update that proves that some things are just better left unsaid.


This example is just straight up too personal and as Melinda said, “TMI much?”

From my example above, we see Sally oversharing via Facebook. In both cases, we ask ourselves “why would anyone post that?” Well, in an article we read in class titled The Real Reason Why So Many People Overshare on Facebook, we get a few reasons as to why a person would post this type of information. The article tells us that when an individual is facing a screen rather than talking to an individual face to face, it is easier to say anything you want. Obviously, Sally was one of those people who did this, because I could bet that Sally would not go up to each of the friends that she has on Facebook and tell them this ‘news’ that she had face to face. Although I am not personally friends with Sally on Facebook, her status suggests that she frequently posts updates on her newsfeed. Please people, do not be like Sally and overpost and share way too personal of information on social media, or post intimate information that the general population does not need to know. And no Sally, we aren’t “jealous much.”











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