Live Tweeting: My First Experience



Today in Comms 295, we had a live tweeting day.Live tweeting is when an individual tweets about a topic while it is happening. In order to get full points for the activity, we were to tweet 20 times during our class period, with tweets that corresponded to the discussions. When we did this, we were to us the hashtag #socialeagles to get credit for our tweets. I love Twitter and tweeting, but I have never participated in a live tweeting situation as actively as I did today. One important item to note about live tweeting is that you never know what to expect, and that definitely can be said about today.

Live tweeting is very fun, but very intense at the same time. Tweeting with twenty other people in the class at the same time is difficult, because it is necessary to constantly be checking tweets, notifications and replying to others’ tweets. It came easily to me because I like tweeting and between all the conversations taking place, it was easy for me to chime in. Most of the class seemed to be enjoying the activity. My twitter profile is here, if you would like to view my live tweeting. I had really fun conversations with students in our class that I never had talked to before, and I think this class made us a little bit less of #awkwardeagles. Unfortunately, I also saw that others only tweeted once or twice during the whole class period. Not participating in the activity is not beneficial whatsoever, because we did not get to read or see that individual’s personality or anything, like I did with the active tweeters.Hopefully during our next live tweeting session they feel more comfortable tweeting and have a better hang of it.

pp johns.jpeg                            zacefron

I literally came to class with my laptop battery at 60%, and after an hour and a half, it was totally dead. I think I ended the class period with about 27 tweets, which was a little bit about the requirement. But anyway, our tweeting took us to a number of different conversations and levels, and our tweeting even got us 50% off a Papa John’s Pizza! (The pizza situation is a whole other story in itself, but let’s just say that Papa John’s will not be the pizza place I will be ordering from if I want pizza within this next century.) Unfortunately I tried getting @ZacEfron to give Maddie, Lily and I a shout out, but I guess we didn’t make the cut. I very much so look forward to our next live tweeting day. I can’t wait to see where it takes us!






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