The Great North Face


For our Comms 295 class, we were to choose a brand that resonates with us, and follow that brand on all platforms of social media. The brand I have chosen is The North Face, because I absolutely love their items. For those of you who do not know what The North Face is, it is a brand that contains a variety of different clothing and outdoor equipment items such as: jackets, sweatshirts, hats, mittens, shirts, pants, snowboards, boots, tents and more. I chose this brand because I love their products, and have everything of theirs from rain jackets, fleece sweatshirts (I have 7 of these), hats, mittens and shirts. It is very rare to see me in fall, winter and spring not wearing one of their products at least a few times per week. As I began to follow the The North Face on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the sites reinforced reasons as to why I love The North Face products and how they advertise them, but also would like to see a few things change in the way they advertise also.

I have been wearing North Face clothing since high school. I absolutely love their products for many reasons. The clothing has amazing quality, and lasts an extremely long time. Their website and their social media sites do an amazing job of promoting their products with phenomenal photos. I believe the way they brand themselves with these types of images helps their company gain more followers on their sites, thus getting more people to buy their products. Their social media sites are always active, with updates at least daily. This is a great thing to see if you are a customer, because you know they are always getting new products and having new deals. Below are just a couple of amazing images that are on @thenorthface Instagram feed. Who wouldn’t want to look at such beautiful photos?

14052484_1656726951321809_1870438719_n 14294820_1775230252756962_1554425100_n

I love almost everything about how The North Face promotes their products, but there is one thing that I think could use some improvement. I noticed that @thenorthface Twitter account does not seem to get involved in Twitter conversations with their customers.The only time that they really do is when a customer has a complaint about their products.The North Face always starts their tweets responding to these complaints with “We are sorry” which we learned is the best thing to do.When looking through The North Face Twitter account to see how they engage with customers, it does not look good to see that the only time they engage with their customers is when there are customer complaints. A recommendation for their company is to start being more socially active with their followers, and respond to positive tweets and responses as often as they do with the negative ones. Almost all of their tweets are just promoting their products. Although it is good to promote your product on social media, I think getting involved with your customers and your fan base is extremely important. If a prospective customer goes on social media and sees that the company is engaged with their customers, they are more likely to buy products from that brand.

As I mentioned earlier, The North Face has been one of my favorite brands since high school. I love the majority of the way that they promote their product, but there is room for improvement on social media by interacting with their followers and customers. I am interested to see over the next few weeks of following The North Face on social media if their advertising tactics stay fairly the same, or if they will change.




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