Ian’s Pizza… Enough Said


Just letting you all know that my Comms 295 class is better than any of your classes. Unless you get free pizza from Ian’s… then I guess we can talk (it was even the Mac n’ cheese pizza.) Our blog this week can be about anything from the semester that we wanted to write about, and today was definitely one of my favorite classes so far. Not only did we get to hear insanely interesting stories, but we learned important lessons as well. Today in our Comms 295 class  we got free pizza from Ian’s, and had guest speakers Staci and Zach come to our class and told us a little bit about Ian’s Pizza’s success, and their marking methods. Staci more so focused on how Ian’s initially became the successful business they are today in the slowest month of the year, and Zach told us the importance of social media for a business. Sharing real life experiences with our class helps us understand what it will be like for us when we get there after college graduation.


Staci came into our class today as our first guest speaker. I really enjoyed listening to her stories about how Ian’s became so popular so quickly. I was so sucked into hearing the story that I wasn’t even on my phone or Macbook at all, which like never happens. Did you know that Ian’s Pizza’s success happened during the protests taking place in Madison in 2011? Me either. If you want to read more about this story, there are numerous articles about it. I have looked at a few articles explaining the story, but the article that I believe explained it best was from the New York Times. Staci was such a great guest speaker because not only did she explain the success of the business in 2011, but she also told us about the struggles they faced, such as getting way too many monetary donations to keep up. The way they fixed this was by cutting off the phone lines when they got to a certain amount of donations for the day. I also loved when Staci told us mistakes that she made in the process, such as an instance that she was on the phone with a reported for CNN that she thought was just a photographer. Focusing on both the triumphs and difficulties went along with the predicament they were in. Yes, the protest in Madison in 2011 made Ian’s as successful as it is today, but it did not mean the journey there was easy.

Zach, our second guest speaker of the day, came in clutch. At 10:46 a.m. he delivered our class two beautiful Mac n’ Cheese pizzas for us to enjoy (I ate three pieces, no shame.) Zach does the marketing for Ian’s Pizza and he graduated from Edgewood College, so it was pretty cool to have such as successful alum come and talk to us today. When Zach was talking to us, he highlighted how one should use social media in a business setting, and it was amazing because a great deal of the items he talked about were things that we talked about when we read a social media etiquette article earlier in the semester. He also emphasized the importance of happy customers, and how to reply on both social media and in person to unhappy customers. The information he gave us was very relevant and helpful, because many of us will have to use this advice in future jobs.

Overall, this is one of my favorite classes thus far. Not only did we learn a ton of valuable information we can use in the future, but we also had fun while doing it. Staci did a fantastic job of telling us the story about how Ian’s Pizza became so popular, and Zach told us about media and marketing tools. I wish all guest speakers in my classes were like Zach and Staci. I mean I’ve never had a guest speaker in class that brought Mac n’ Cheese pizza so until they do that, Staci and Zach will stay my favorites.




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