The Four P’s and the E of Me


Positive, personal,passionate, political and engaged. These are five words collected from a classmate and myself, describing my personal brand on social media. Social media can be an extremely beneficial and efficient way of getting information about yourself out there, so a person that has not met you can get a general understanding of who you are. All social media sites, but especially LinkedIn, can help future employers gather information on you to see if you would fit their needs and position they are needing to fill. With this being said, portraying your personal brand on your social media sites is important, and it is important to present yourself in a professional way, especially on sites such as LinkedIn. I believe that I do a good job of presenting myself in a positive way on social media, but could improve on leaving a few details out. Relating to this,the Klout score is a great tool for individuals to use if they want to see how they are being evaluated on their social media sites, and where improvement can be made on their social media pages.

Going back to my five words that were used to describe my social media,the first word one of my classmates described me as was positive, because I am always smiling in the images I am in, and overall, seem like I am in a good mood and look on the brighter side of things most of the time. Being a positive person is essential in the workplace. No one wants to have to work with that one person that is constantly negative, and always puts everyone and every idea down. The more positive a workplace is, the more likely people will enjoy working at the company and doing business with the company.

Personal, the next of the words that convey my brand, could both be good and bad. Being personal on social media can be good in the sense of if a future employer is looking for a person to hire and stumble across you on a social media site, they are able to distinguishScreen Shot 2016-11-04 at 11.02.08 AM.png a bit about who you are. My Twitter site includes that I am a junior at Edgewood College, a Communication Studies major, that I am an animal lover and also love the show The Office. Since Twitter is not as professional as a site such as LinkedIn, I think it is an atmosphere that personal information such as my favorite TV show can be included in my bio. On LinkedIn, however, I leave out the last two facts about me, and focus more so on my professional life.

Passionate is a great word for someone to describe you as, and one of my classmates did use this word. She said I seemed passionate on my social media sites about certain topics, such as politics, animals and my future career and current careers in Human Resource Management. To me, being passionate about your work is extremely important, and shows that you are a dedicated, hard-working individual. If you show that you are passionate about your work on your social media sites, you are setting yourself up for success in the future.

Politics… now this one can be a bit tricky. I used to be a person that quite frankly, did not give two shits about politics. But as I got older, especially since I have gotten to college, I realized how important politics is for the future of America and for the next generate of adults, which is me. I am passionate about politics now, and I take it very seriously. I look up facts, and am informed about who I am backing and why. I tend to make my political views known on social media, because I can and I want to. But again, I mostly leave my political views on Twitter, which is a less professional place than LinkedIn. If a future interested employer overlooks me because of my political views, then I guess it happens.

The last of my five words that are used to describe my personal brand is engaged. Being engaged and active in not only important in the workplace, but also the community. If you look at any of my social media sites, you can see that I was a member (and a captain) of sports teams in high school and college, and belong to groups on campus such at Edgewood College Friends of St. Vinny’s. It can also be seen on my LinkedIn site how engaged and active I am in the workplace due to the amount of different tasks and duties I have at my jobs. Being engScreen Shot 2016-11-04 at 11.08.27 AM.pngaged looks great on any social media site you post it on, so get involved in different events and groups, it will 100% pay off in the future.


The Klout, an app that determines and individuals influence to others on social media sites, is a great way to see how influential, and essentially how good your social media skills are. I tried Klout for the first time today, and my score is a 57/100. This means that I am a bit above average, but my social media presence and engagement definitely has room for some improvement. I would encourage people to check out the Klout, and see what their scores, especially if they are interested to see how influential their social media presence is.

We learned that presenting your personal brand on social media can be extremely important. You want your social media to portray you as someone who would be a good future employee on sites such as LinkedIn, but can have more fun on social media sites such as Twitter. As I mentioned, I believed I am mostly doing a good job on my social media sites, but there is a bit of room for improvement, as my Klout score is only a 57. The Klout can be a beneficial tool to define how you present any portray yourself on social media, and is greatly recommended for individuals that use their social media to portray their personal brands.




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