Why it Pays to Link In… Literally

Attention all Communication Studies majors: Link In, Link In, LINK IN! For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, consider giving this blog a read. Taking an hour of your day to make a Linked In profile can literally get you a job. Linked In is a site that enables individuals to present themselves in a professional way, and “link in” with colleagues, coworkers and even potential future employers. The site also allows its users to give a summary of themselves, their interests, work history, honors and accomplishments and more that present themselves in a way that makes future employers want to hire them. I am here to tell you as a comm studies major myself, how why having a professional Linked In profile as a college student can really pay off…literally.

Up until about a month ago, I did not have a Linked In profile. I did not know much about Linked In, but I assumed since it was a place for professionals, and that I did not belong there because I am only a college student. I also assumed that the site would be super boring. I was so wrong about both of those things. blog 9 pics 1.pngLinked In can be a fantastic tool for gaining information from the business and professional world, and this information comes up on a news feed much like Facebook does. It is also a great tool for seeing what places are hiring and looking for people to hire in your field at companies around you. You are even able to see who have viewed your profile!

Creating a Linked In profile can be extremely beneficial in the long run. But, it is very important to make sure that you create a profile that not only reflects who you are as a person, but also makes you stand out. Employers want to see more than just your resume and skills, but they want to see how you are different and better than other potential future employees they are looking at to hire. Making sure you update and maintain your profile is important to do, so individuals looking at your profile know what you are currently doing job wise. Using a professional headshot and thinking of a creative, short description of yourself can grab a future employers attention. With this being said, many employers looking for employees use the site Linked In find potential employees, and vice versa. Having a good network on your Linked In helps, screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-12-38-59-pmas it will enable a potential future employee to find you easier, and it also makes you seem more professional (even if you still are just a college student.) You can never start networking your professional self too early. Even if you are still a college student and are not looking for a post-college career yet, Linked In has employers that are looking for college students to have as interns, which can lead to a getting a job after college. It could also lead to having the company that you do your internship with to recommend you to another company that they think you would fit well into!

Finding a job after college can be an extremely difficult and frustrating process, but Linked In makes it easier for both employers and potential employees to find the perfect careers for them. By creating a Linked In profile, you are more connected with professionals and companies that are looking to hire new employees. Grabbing attention of these possible future employees just from your Linked In profile means that presenting yourself in a positive way, and making yourself stand out from the rest is important. Linked In can lead to internships and careers without barley having to do anything other than creating a profile, and networking with others and keeping your profile updated. So please, comm majors, and all other college students, I would highly recommend making a Linked In profile because it can make finding a job easier, which means a quicker transition and less time from being a poor college student (we can all relate) to a professional, full-time working college grad.


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