Agent Zero


Are you the center of a network?

Are you able to spread ideas?

If you answered yes to both of these, then you are an Agent Zero! An Agent Zero does not only have the ability to spread ideas throughout their network, but they are also a “reputation engine.”

Here at Edgewood College, we got the chance to learn and work with Shawn Johnson, a very experienced Agent Zero. Shawn Johnson taught us the ins-and-outs of LinkedIn, where her Agent Zero skills became visible. Shawn taught our class how important it is to maintain our profiles, and have a professional headshot and headline. Once you have gone through and added all your skills and experiences, it is important to make connections. After all, this online tool was created to network with other professionals.

LinkedIn is a valuable network that helps individuals spread ideas and create professional relationships. There are many characteristics that determine the strengths you withhold as an Agent Zero, which can be shown through your LinkedIn. One of these characteristics is to develop attention, which goes along with building your network. Online relationships are vital in creating your network, but face-to-face interactions can even further strengthen your ability to be an Agent Zero.

If you want to be successful in a professional setting, being an Agent Zero will improve your chances.

You need to be the center of a network.

You need to spread ideas.

You need to make connections.

You are an Agent Zero.

Attributed to Trust Agents chapter 5

Picture attributed to ReTargeter

Blog written by: Erin Jagemann and Anna Mueller


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